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The Group - 100 years of growth

From the days of its Founder (a lawyer and a planter) and spanning three generations, The Group has built up a strong reputation for business acumen and uncompromising values. Today the organization has over Rs. 70 crores in net assets. The family has a rich tradition of accomplished personalities such as the first Speaker of the Kerala State Assembly, a Director of Medical Health of Southern India, a Chief of Medical Division of the Indian Army, the current Vice Chancellor of The Mahatma Gandhi University (Kerala), apart from one of the earliest accomplished professional planters of that time.

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    We believe in our Core Competence - Promotion, Development and Management of excellent resorts and plantations.

  We believe in our Core Values - Honesty, Fairness, Trustworthiness and Professional Integrity in all aspects of our business - This is the basis for sustaining long-term success of the Organization. Hence our values shall not be subordinated to material gains.

  We believe in our Core Strength - Our People - Hence we consciously and consistently will strive to develop People followed by Product and Profit.

  We believe in our Customers Loyalty - Fundamental to our business - To build it, we will, if required, walk an extra mile to enhance the level of our Customer Satisfaction.

  We believe in our Obligations to the Society in which we operate - Hence we shall always contribute our mite towards Community Development.

Ramapuram Holiday Resorts Ltd. - an overview

Ramapuram Holiday Resorts Limited (RHRL) is a Public Limited Company incorporated under the company's act 1956. In the year 1994, the company opened Orange County Resort - Coorg, a holiday resort targeted at families. In the year 2000, the Resort added a state-of-the-art "Ayurveda Village", a beautiful Ayurveda center in ethnic Kodava architecture, to its facilities.

Accolades and Awards

  The Resort Condominiums International has bestowed the award of " Resort of International Distinction ", for five consecutive years, a feat achieved by no other resort in India.

  In the years 2003 and 2004, it secured the "RCI Gold Crown Award", RCI's highest accolade for surpassing international standards of excellence in Resort Quality and Hospitality.

  It has been called " One of the finest resorts in India ", "The best resort in Karnataka " etc. by publications like the India Today Plus, Expressions, The Hindu etc.

  Many Television Channels have featured Orange County as an "excellent holiday destination", "corporate destination of Karnataka" etc.


Trails is a brand owned by R. S. Hospitality Services Ltd a company wholly owned by the Ramapuram Group. The company was incorporated in the year 2000. It aims to provide Management and Consultancy services to the Hospitality Industry.
The scope of business includes:

1. Architectural Services
2. Project Management
3. Operations Management
4. Marketing
5. Sales

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The Board of Directors

Thomas T Ramapuram - Chairman
George T Ramapuram - Director - Operations & Projects & CEO
Cherian T Ramapuram - Director - Sales
Jose T Ramapuram - Director - Marketing
Kumar Mahadevan - Director
K.S. Shetty - Director

The Panel of Advisors

Shukla Bose - Former Chairperson - RCI India Ltd.
Bhaskar Bhat - CEO, Titan Industries Ltd.
P.V. Menon - FCA - P.V. Menon & Associates (CAs)
Raghavendra - VP - Sales & Marketing, M & N Publications
Ravi - CEO, Mercury Goldman India Limited
M. V. Gopinath - CEO, New day Human Potential Development
Venu Menon - Brand Consultant
S.R. Chandrashekar - Brand Consultant
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