Emmanuel Ramapuram

Trails traces it’s genesis back to 1926, when Mr. Emmanuel Ramapuram served as a Ranger in-charge of South Canara and Coorg under the Madras Presidency. A lawyer by profession, he returned here to purchase Chikkanahalli (small village) Estate in Sidapur and Kaimakumbatta Estate in Pollibetta. In the next 17 years, he went on to acquire more properties in Coorg including Somangad Estate, a Cardamom plantation.

Thomas E. Ramapuram

At the tender age of 19, due to the untimely death of his father, Thomas E. Ramapuram had to discontinue his final year at the Agricultural College, Coimbatore and take over the reigns of the family business. He and his brothers went on to expand their holdings and to became the largest private holder in Coorg. The unique value system and bond inculcated by him ensured that the family grew from strength to strength.

Ramapuram Sons

The seven sons have taken over the legacy that Thomas E. Ramapuram left behind with a strong adherence to his convictions. The family lived through great events like the World Wars, and the freedom struggle and established themselves in business without compromising on values and patriotism Making fullest use of the, knowledge acquired from academic and social achievements, coupled with a strong spiritual foundation, the Karnataka based group has moved ahead in strength to establish itself in plantations and diversifying into leisure services.

The eminent members of the group are
 Emmanuel T. Ramapuram
 Abe T. Ramapuram
 Thomas T. Ramapuram
 George T. Ramapuram
 Cherian T. Ramapuram
 Dr. John T. Ramapuram
 Jose T. Ramapuram
George T. Ramapuram
Jose T. Ramapuram
Cherian T. Ramapuram
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