Trails CLUB ONE is a Privileged Guest Rewards Program that opens a whole new world pf exclusive rewards and benefits for Privileged Guests like you. Its an endless procession of pampered exclusivity that you can avail whenever you holiday at any Trails resort. Makes you feel like you are the only one!

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How do I become a member of Club One?

Your membership to the Trails CLUB ONE Program is Absolutely Free! All you need to do is fill up the enrollment form after you purchase a package / room night from any of the Trails offices, (for internet reservations, enrolment form will be e mailed to you on confirmation of booking) or any of the select Trails managed resorts.

Once you enroll into the Trails CLUB ONE Program, you will receive a Welcome Kit comprising of your personalized CLUB ONE Membership Card along with the Program Hand Book giving you details of the Program.

What are the types of Club One membership cards?

The CLUB ONE Memberships are of 2 types – Silver and Gold. Once you enroll in to the CLUB ONE Program you instantly become a Silver Card Member. You will automatically be upgraded to Gold Membership when you exceed a specified cumulative earning of CLUB points in the 3-year membership period.

How do I earn club points? 

You earn CLUB Points each time you purchase a room night :


Through any of the Trails offices


Through a Travel Agent at any of the Trails managed resorts


Directly at any of the Trails managed resorts



The CLUB Points earned are based on the total purchase value of room nights. What’s more, you get 100 Bonus Points at the time of your Enrolment!

How do I view my Club One account on the net?

You can access your Membership Account and check your CLUB Points online at by logging on with your unique Membership No (Same as your Card No.) and your personalized password. Your Card No. is your default password. You are requested to log in and change your login password as soon as you get your Membership Card.


How can I earn Club One points by referring non members?

Each time a member refers a non member to Trails for purchase of a room night, the member gets rewarded with Referral CLUB Points.

For every room night purchased by the referee (non member), the referrer (member) gets Referral CLUB Points based on the total purchase value of the room night of the Referee. So, the more you refer, the more Referral CLUB Points you earn. 

You could refer in the following ways:


Call or e-mail the CLUB ONE Program Centre; validate your CLUB ONE Membership No. and give the name and details of a non member who is interested in buying a room night through Trails.


Trails Sales Executive will contact the non member and close the sale. Once the non member purchases the room night, your Referral CLUB Points will automatically be credited into your CLUB ONE Membership Account.

What is a Variable Benefits Chart and how does it work?

The Variable Benefits Chart as the name suggests, is a chart which gives you information on the prevailing rewards and benefits through the Club One programme. These benefits may vary from time to time and are subject to change without notice. 

What are the Terms and Conditions for the Trails Club One privileged Guest Rewards Program?

The Terms & Conditions of the Trails – Club One programme has been clearly laid down to ensure the smooth functioning of the programme. Entry into Trails Club One programme is deemed acceptance of all Terms and Conditions there in.

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