Take a large measure of natural splendors, stir in some history, add a dash of old-world charm, garnish with the fragrance of coffee and served up with warm smiles. That's Coorg or Kodagu, as the people of this little district in Karnataka call their land.

Mappila Magic–the Arab influence 

Oppana – A dance for the bride 

Kalaripayettu - mother of all martial arts 

Theyyam – Worshiping Heroes and Ancestral Spirits 



Mappila Magic–the Arab influence

Merchants and travelers visited this ancient spice trading port in turns -from the Arabs to the Portuguese, Dutch and English. They left their traces in forts, lifestyle, architecture and cuisine. The Mappila cuisine includes delicacies such as Pathiri (a lacy rice pancake) and Kozhi Nirachathu (stuffed whole chicken), and Arikkadukka (batter fried mussels).


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